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Welcome to Project X-ITE

At Project X-ITE, we believe that the only constant is change, and that change creates opportunity. So, we help students cultivate an Innovator’s Mindset, prepare them to add value in any environment, and empower them to launch creative solutions. Because when we do, we ignite a community of thinkers and doers with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Manifesto

We are future-proof.

We seek answers to big challenges and find solutions that break the mold.

We are visionaries. Trailblazers. Makers. Thinkers. Designers. Doers. We don’t send invitations. We make space for everyone who shows up because we know that possibilities and horizons expand as more people sit at the table. If you’re ready to work, eager to play, and often blur the lines between the two, we want you on our team.

We share – ideas, credit, time, and expertise. We are on the cutting edge of opportunity, setting a faster pace and a new paradigm of flexibility and inclusive leadership. We come from across disciplines and diverse backgrounds. We see pathways and connections visible only to the inspired eye. We bridge divides and know that the most important things we have to offer are collaborative spirits and open minds. We know how to adapt, and we don’t always follow the rules.

We don’t fear missing out because whatever we create, whatever we ideate, whatever we launch will be what the world didn’t know it was missing. We welcome failure, we celebrate oddball ideas, and we accept that we don’t have every answer. We iterate, we pivot, and we embrace the first pancake.

This is our way of life. We start up, and we never stop. We are the next generation of entrepreneurs, technologists, and innovators. We are Project X-ITE.

What We Do

Project X-ITE is a cross-disciplinary community at the University of Denver that ignites the innovator’s mindset and future-proofs our students through programming that supports student entrepreneurs. Since our launch, we’ve developed a transformative platform of programs that empower and challenge student entrepreneurs.

In 2015, we launched with five founding corporate partners and a handful of community mentors. Today, we have a wide network of stakeholders in Denver and beyond who support our efforts, including nearly 200 community members, alumni, and business leaders who serve as mentors, numerous industry leaders who support our experiential learning courses through company partnerships, dozens of funding partners, and most importantly, the thousands of University of Denver students whom we serve.


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