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Student and Alumni Ventures

Project X-ITE is dedicated to supporting student and alumni companies and helping them succeed. Through our curricular and co-curricular programming and events, we are here to guide you in your innovation journey and connect you to local and global innovation ecosystems.

If you are a DU alum or student and have a startup, we would love to showcase you on our website and social media!

Guidelines for student and alumni-led ventures

Guidelines for student and alumni-led ventures

As a private University dedicated to the public good, DU is committed to supporting ideas and ventures that work toward solving problems to serve others. Regarding University support of student and alumni ventures involving tobacco, e-cigarettes, cannabis, and/or alcohol, the University requires that the product or service (1) should not solely focus on these markets (i.e., it should have alternative uses, even if the product or service is intended primarily for use in one of these markets), and (2) may not directly promote or encourage the use of these substances. This applies to ventures that are part of class projects such as Gateway to Business and From Idea to First Dollar, Project X-ITE’s programming such as Pioneering Summer, Incubator X, & the XLR8 grant program, and other classes or programs as applicable. If the product or service in question can be applied to other use cases outside of these industries, then it may be considered for support by the University. If you have any questions or would like further clarification, please contact

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