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Meet the Project X-ITE Team

Members of the Project X-ITE team bring a vast range of knowledge, skills, and areas of expertise, but what we all have in common is our belief in the power of ideas and starting something up. We truly believe that the only constant is change, and that change creates opportunity. We are constantly amazed by DU’s student entrepreneurs and by the incredibly supportive community of mentors throughout this region who are committed to igniting the innovator’s mindsets at DU.

Nina Sharma

Managing Director of Project X-ITE

Kanitha Heng Snow

Assistant Director of Project X-ITE

Melissa Akaka

Academic Director of Project X-ITE

Jessica Neumann

Assistant Director of Academic Innovation at University of Denver

Jim Ducay

Adjunct Professor and Xperiences Program Director

Scott Romano

Program Coordinator
International Business & Economics, 2020

Imani Lige

Student Program Coordinator
Undeclared, 2023

Jenniffer Barahona

Student Marketing Coordinator
Marketing, 2021

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