Artificial Intelligence Summit

This event has ended. Thank you for joining our first AI Summit @ DU on April 11th.

With its mission to support the public good, the University of Denver has the opportunity to occupy a unique space that few others are capable of fulfilling. Further, it is apparent from preliminary gatherings on AI at DU that there is extreme interest in a university-wide initiative. Our aspiration for the AI Summit was that University faculty, students, and staff come together to take the first steps toward delineating an initiative that defines the contributions that DU can make in the areas of AI, automation, big data, and the future of work.

The AI Summit took an “un-conference” approach to encourage all attendees to roll up their sleeves and share ideas across disciplines to take full advantage of the wide array of expertise, research, and application of AI at DU.

We know that the big, hairy problems of our world are rarely solved in silos. The AI Summit was designed to break down those silos, and through an interactive program, began to form cross-disciplinary teams that will explore new paradigms for advancing, coordinating, and supporting AI work at DU.

The Summit was framed around a singular challenge question to help spur creativity and guide the experience: What interdisciplinary, University-wide structures and systems will unlock collaboration around artificial intelligence to serve the public good?

Highlights from the Summit

Past Events

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20 |  12-1:00 PM

Deep Neural Networks for Lifelong Learning and Goal-Driven Computer Vision

Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science, Room 410 
Today’s best deep convolutional neural networks now rival humans at image recognition. This is a great achievement, but artificial intelligence still has a long way to go toward achieving the versatility of humans. Join us for Dr. Christopher Kanan’s talk as he describes two efforts by his lab to create deep learning algorithms that are more flexible and learn more like people through the development of Visual Question Answering (VQA) systems. He argues that lifelong machine learning has many applications, including robotics and learning on resource constrained embedded platforms.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 9  |  12-1:00 PM

Pop-up Meeting

Pop-up meeting to discuss survey results and decide on the contents/speakers/format of the three roundtable Lunch-&-Learn meetings leading up to the April Un-Conference.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 24  |  12-1:00 PM

Lunch-&-Learn: AI 101 with Cindi Fukami, Mohammad Mahoor & Nancy Reichman

SIE Building, Room 5025 
This interactive lunch dives into the definition and applications of Artificial Intelligence. Hear from DU faculty about what AI is, what is happening with AI at DU, and what opportunities there are to get involved. Professors Mohammad Mahoor (RSECS), Cindi Fukami (DCB), and Nancy Reichman (CAHSS) will give short overviews of the basics of AI technology, and how DU professors are studying its uses and policy implications, followed by roundtable discussions to learn more about each of these topics.  If you missed the event, you can view the video footage hereThe presentation is available here

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19  |  12-1:00 PM

Lunch-&-Learn: Research & Scholarship Overview

Anderson Academic Commons, Room 290 
This discussion features Corinne Lengsfeld covering AI-related research and projects currently underway at DU. Dr. Lengsfeld is the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education and Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Colleagues have the opportunity to discuss  potential ways to collaborate on these projects. If you missed the event, you can view the video footage hereThe presentation is available here

TUESDAY, MARCH 12  |  12-1:00 PM

Lunch-&-Learn: Faculty Lightning Talks

Craig Hall, Room 120
This event featured Lighting Talks from Faculty Working on Artificial Intelligence Research and Projects Across Humanities, Science and Business.

THURSDAY, APRIL 4  |  12-1:00 PM

Networking Lunch

Katherine A. Ruffato Hall, Room 105

Please join us for our last Artificial Intelligence lunch event leading up to the AI Summit on April 11th. Network with others who share a passion for AI and are interested in getting involved with AI-related projects and research across the University of Denver campus. This networking lunch is a great opportunity to share your ideas and learn from one another. You’ll also learn more about the AI Summit, including a short Q&A session. Register here.


AI @ DU Summit

Check out our past Lunch & Learns!

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