Investing in the next generation of thinkers and doers

At Project X-ITE, we believe that the only constant is change, and that change creates opportunity. So, we help students cultivate an Innovator’s Mindset, prepare them to add value in any environment, and empower them to launch creative solutions. Because when we do, we ignite a community of thinkers and doers with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

When you give to Project X-ITE…

You’re supporting students who create change wherever they land.

You’re validating our belief that any one can be an entrepreneur – whether they are an artist, marketer, computer science, or business major.

You’re funding programs like our incubator and accelerator that directly help students turn their ideas into viable businesses.

You’re supporting students who want to drive social change through building businesses.

You’re supporting our belief that the only constant is change, and that change creates opportunity.

Your gift opens the doors for student entrepreneurs

Meet The Village Institute led by Ellie Adelman (Founder and Graduate School of Social Work ’19). This social enterprise provides a holistic housing solution for single-mother refugee families.

Meet Bloomtime Design led by Josh Hoeg (Co-Founder and COO, Computer Science ‘19), Bill Flanigan (Co-Founder and CEO), and Meier Werthan (CTO, Computer Engineering ‘21). This team tested their idea and had an unexpected outcome. Hear from them on what it means to fail forward.

Meet OneKindCup led by Lauren Barnes (Founder and CEO, Business Management ‘22) and Kayle Migaki (Co-Founder and CTO, Electrical Engineering ‘22). This duo came together their freshman year with an idea to disrupt the single use disposable cup industry.