Incubator X supports students who have an idea for a business and are ready to take the next step to becoming founders. This experience will help students be successful, whether they continue with their ventures, start new ventures, or become innovators within other companies. Incubator X is open to undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines. Our inaugural pilot cohort includes nearly 40 students from across 30 new venture ideas, and a dozen students from Pioneering Summer alumni teams who serve as peer mentors.

We are now offering a for-credit option for Incubator X! Contact to learn more. See class details below.

  • What: Incubator X (BUS 3700-4)
  • When: T 6 pm-8pm
  • Load: 1 credit
  • Location: X House located at 1986 York St.

Meet the Student-led Ventures in Incubator X

AgPro Technologies Inc.: A Liquid Bio-Fertilizer that replenishes soil health.

Ahead Wind Inc.: 3D printed wind turbine blade molds.

Atomata: Smart urban agriculture optimization via sensors and cameras.

BE Homes: A high efficiency, self-sustaining residential structure.

BloomTime: A design company for sustainable landscaping.

Culture Global: An e-commerce store solution for online influencers.

Teach Me: A platform that equips dancers with data to select classes based on their needs, skill level, and desired experience.

Gold Orbit: A solution for waste issues in space through a universal grasping mechanism that picks up defunct satellites in orbit.

Homegrown Essentials: High-quality hemp products that follow legal regulations and are aligned to the company’s core values.

Let’s Hang: A solution that brings people together through face-to-face connections via shared events interests.

Livelocal: An opportunity for locals to make money doing what they love while creating unique and enriched experiences to visitors.

MKCK: A retail company that offers young adults name brands at a low cost.

Mold Control: A preventative solution for post-flood mold growth.

Newtin Media: A digital solution to streamline flier posting.

Nomad Joe/Voyager Kettle: A collapsible, portable, electric kettle for coffee enthusiasts.

NU SeniorsPT: An app geared towards raising awareness of major health concerns for the senior population.

Olam: An environment that uses AI to to create an artificial species that exists entirely in the cloud.

PocketChange: Empowers individuals to make micro-donations to the causes they care about with the click of a button.

Slope Threads: “Rent the Runway” for ski apparel.

TokenOS: A mobile payment and operations platform for the cannabis industry to work within the existing banking system.

Truckt: Google Maps / Grubhub for food trucks.

Unum Analytics: Analyzes online searches to predict election outcomes.

Wave Music: An app that connects people through the love of music.

Making Headlines

From Slope Threads that makes winter wear more accessible to PocketChange that allows micro-donations to specific causes, our student-led ventures have been making headlines. Dig into the media coverage below!

PocketChange - U.S. News and World Report
Slope Threads - 5280 Magazine
Slope Threads - Built In Colorado

Want to work with student-led ventures?

Are you interested in working with student-led companies in the Incubator X program? Apply to be a mentor through our Project X-ITE mentor platform powered by TrustedPeer. This mentor platform connects community members, alumni, and faculty members with student innovators and entrepreneurs.

As a mentor, you can:

  • Serve as a dedicated mentor to one student-led venture
  • Serve as a mentor to the entire cohort on an as-needed basis
  • Give a workshop on your area of expertise

If you have other ideas on getting involved, we’d love to hear them! Contact us at