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We are excited to share news from DU PhD student Rev. Dylan Doyle-Burke about the success of his new podcast and organization Radical AI. Using his research in Artificial Intelligence Ethics at DU as a foundation, Dylan launched a project alongside a colleague in the Information Science Department at CU Boulder focused entirely on justice, ethics, and Artificial Intelligence.

The mission at the heart of Radical AI fits specifically with the liberative values of the DU institution and is: “to inspire, empower, and highlight the stories of women, people of color, and other folks who have historically been marginalized in tech spaces. Through interviews with rising stars and experts in the field we boldly engage with the topics in AI that are transforming our world such as bias, discrimination, identity, accessibility, privacy, and issues of morality.”

This vision of unapologetic equitable representation has resonated deeply with those looking for a new face of technology. Within weeks of launching the podcast, Dylan began to reach thousands and the organization as a whole received the endorsement of leading academics such as Dr. Ruha Benjamin and Dr. Emily Bender and industry leaders such as Dr. Mia Dand and Dr. Mary Gray. 

The story of the rise of Radical AI is one of a rapidly changing technology culture. People in industry are yearning for a new way, a diverse way, and a radical way of connecting. They are looking for an alternative to the business-as-usual Silicon-valley culture of the aughts and seeking a way forward that is fully representative of the fullness of their experience. Radical AI has captured the public’s imagination precisely because it seeks to give voice to the stories of women and people of color.

We celebrate Dylan’s impact on the field of AI Ethics and share it as an example of the wonderful work DU students are engaging in outside of the academy walls.

If you would like to support Dylan and Radical AI please subscribe to the podcast on itunes HERE and follow the project on Twitter @radicalaipod. 

Thank you for your support of our student entrepreneurs. Read more news about this here.

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