Mentors are a key component to launching a successful startup – or even thinking through the idea for a company or project. We seek experts and those who have been in the trenches to help students along their path to becoming an entrepreneur an innovator in four ways:

  1. Provide just-in-time support for a quick advising session for individual students
  2. Provide dedicated mentoring for a student-led startup
  3. Mentor a group of student entrepreneurs at once
  4. Participate in X-ITE-led single-day event mentoring session.

This is a great resource for students and a tangible way for the community to get involved with DU and support the next generation of innovators. More than 150 community members have volunteered to serve as mentors to date, and we’re always looking to for more mentors to engage with our students!

Experts! Fill out our mentor form to be included in our database. We’ll let you know about periodic opportunities, and students will have access to your profile. We curate all relationships and help match you .

Students! Looking for a mentor for your company or project? Explore our mentor-matching platform, powered by TrustedPeer, to find your perfect mentor today!