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About Ascent Bootcamp

One of the most difficult problems student entrepreneurs face is building and managing a team as their companies become viable. Often, as the venture gains traction, the founding team becomes insufficient to manage its needs, and the founder must transition to a management role. The Ascent Bootcamp will provide startups on the edge of revenue with training and financial support to help them hire talent, manage a team, and develop effective leadership skills.

This pilot program will provide financial support to allow post-accelerator student ventures to hire new student team members. Support will last for the first half of the program, after which the startup should be in a position to either finance student workers via revenue or implement a sound equity-sharing solution. Student founders in the program will receive leadership training through hands-on workshops, videos, readings, and discussion groups.

Through Ascent Bootcamp, teams receive:

  • Funding to allow companies to hire students
  • Coaching from industry experts on process development
  • Hiring practices
  • Sales strategy
  • Organizational development
  • Training on leading with empathy

“Ascent helped us build out and scale our team to be able to execute on completing our mobile app. Our team is primarily built from students, so having support and funding to work specifically with student team members was very encouraging. It will help many student companies get from MVP to a second round of their product.”

Reyn Aubrey

CEO and Co-Founder, PocketChange

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