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Xplore Incubator

Xplore (formerly Incubator X) supports students who have an idea or early-stage company and want to validate their idea, or want to continue growing an established venture. This program helps students be successful, whether they continue with their ventures, start new ventures, or become innovators within other companies.

During spring quarter, we will be hosting a series of virtual workshops, and in response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are opening these up to the public. We encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to join us for the full series, or drop into any individual sessions. The Xplore workshops kick off April 1 and will run through May.

Nearly 30 community mentors, startup founders, and experts across Colorado will be hosting these sessions, which include founder stories, Q&As, and information sessions. 

Please be sure to register for each session you would like to attend, as dates/times will vary.

Questions? Contact our team at

Spring Quarter Workshops 

Click the links below to view the recordings.

Wednesday, April 1 – Working with Distributed Teams
Join Andrew Rhodes – Sr. Executive Recruiter with Slack – for a workshop on tips and tricks related to working with distributed teams. Andrew has spent the last 10 years building distributed teams.

Thursday, April 2 – Nimble Marketing in the Face of COVID-19
Join Olivia Omega – Co-Founder of Wallace Marketing Group. Learn how to pivot in challenging times and communicate to customers amid COVID-19 concerns.

Friday, April 3 – Mental Health Workshop
Join DU alumna Dr. Terri Finney of Finney Consulting Group. You’ll submit a question prior to the workshop on mental health, motivation, or other issues related to staying sane while building a business.

Monday, April 6 – Business Model Canvas
Join Nina Sharma, Interim Executive Director of Project X-ITE , for a Business Model Canvas Workshop. Learn about how to most effectively communicate your idea and the modern-day business plan.

Wednesday, April 8 – How to Manage Your Event During a Crisis
You have an event scheduled, but with the pandemic you’re now having to shift gears. Join DU alumna Lara Smedley and learn how to strategically make decisions about your upcoming events while still creating meaningful experiences that bring value to your audience.

Friday, April 10 – WFH, WTH? ; Work From Home, What The Heck?
With our routines interrupted and our safe places filled with distractions at our fingertips, how do we effectively adjust to studying, learning, and working from home? Join DU alum Nick Rizzi as he discusses  the necessary steps you need to take to make the transition.

Monday, April 13 – Ask Me Anything with Wildebeest
Join DU alum Jared Alster, Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer at Wildebeest, to hear about his startup journey and get advice on navigating your startup their uncertain times. Wildebeest is a strategic marketing agency for travel and tourism brands on the move. ​

Tuesday, April 14, 9 a.m., Thursday, April 16, 4 p.m.  Legal Office Hours (Becky Stifter, Attorney, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, Attorney*)
Join a startup attorney and Project X-ITE mentor for one-on-one virtual mentoring! Schedule a 12-minute appointment with DU alumni and

Monday, April 20, 12 PM MST – Uncertainty in Business 
Join David Morelli, assistant professor of the practice at the Daniels College of Business and Owner & Executive Coach at OrgCoach, for this workshop on navigating uncertainty in business.

Monday, April 20, 2PM MST – Launch: Accelerating a Software Launch
Join Joe Berti, VP of Offering Management at IBM, for a webinar that will cover the ins and outs of launching a software product. Joe specialized in a methodology he calls “Well baked”, which helps deliver products faster and perform market validation early on.

Friday, April 24, 10 AM MST – Building a Business as a Solo & Non-technical Founder
Join DU alum Brad Paz, Founder & CEO of Zoptic, to learn about his startup journey.

Monday, April 27, 12 PM MST – SEO, Marketing & Customer Acquisition 
Join branding guru Matt Craine for a workshop on SEO, Marketing & Customer Acquisition.

Wednesday, April 29, 10:30 AM MST – VC 101
Join Aaron Stachel, Partner at FirstMile, who will provide an overview of funding for early stage companies with a focus on venture capital.  He’ll cover how the industry operates and what kind of companies are a good fit. We’ll have plenty of time for Q&A to address specific questions too.

Monday, May 4, 1 PM MST – Six Sigma Workshop Part 1 
Join Jide Williams, Lead Facilitator at PotentShift Consulting, for a two part workshop series on the Six Sigma method. You’ll learn how to use Six Sigma to design and continuously improve existing processes around businesses, manufacturing and innovation.  

Monday, May 4, 4 PM MST – Legal Issues Workshop
Join David Kendall, Founder, Attorney & CEO at Bold Legal LLC, for a workshop on legal issues.

Tuesday, May 5, 12 PM MST – Career Journey
Learn how to navigate your career with DU alum Jason Reuter. Jason will share his career journey, discuss the importance of professional activities beyond your job, and discuss his passion on board governance.

Wednesday, May 6, 1 PM MST – Six Sigma Workshop – Part 2
Join Jide Williams, Lead Facilitator at PotentShift Consulting, for the second part of this workshop series on the Six Sigma method. You’ll learn how to use Six Sigma to design and continuously improve existing processes around businesses, manufacturing and innovation.  

Monday, May 11, 11 AM MST – International Community Development 
Join Jamie Van Leeuwen, CEO & Founder of the Global Livingston Institute, for a workshop on developing innovative approaches to international community development.

Tuesday, May 12, 10 AM MST – Fundraising 101
Do you have a business idea that needs funding? Join DU alum Brian Zimbelman to learn how startup funding works, the do’s and don’ts in raising funding, and the tactical steps you need to take. This fundraising workshop will give you practical tips on how to successfully raise money for your business. There will be time for Q&A so bring your questions!

Wednesday, May 13, 2 PM MST – Designing Nudges to Drive Uptake 
Join a how-to, hands-on workshop that will help you use behavioral design to drive adoption of your product or service. Alexandra Fiorillo, Founder & CEO of GRID Impact, will lead this workshop.

Monday, May 18, 2 PM MST – Early Stage Investment (Pre-Series A) Workshop—Convertible Notes, SAFEs, and KISSs 
Join DU alum Jeff Bartholomew who will help you understand the key terms of typical early stage investments so that you can best understand those investment deals and the impact on your company. Jeff will compare and contrast SAFEs, convertible notes, and KISSs. There will be time for Q & A, and an opportunity to connect with Jeff afterwards.

Tuesday, May 19, 11 AM MST – Customer Experience / Navigating the Real World 
Join Jeremy Arkin with Skookum for a webinar on how to articulately tell your story by identifying who you are at your core, learning from key moments in your education and career, and setting goals for yourself along your journey.

Tuesday, May 20, 2 PM MST – Consumer Insights and Marketing Research Workshop 
Join Melissa Akaka, Co-Director of the Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center and Academic Director of Project X-ITE, for a workshop on how to learn what your customers actually want and how to conduct the research to gain these insights. 

Thursday, May 21, 10 AM MST – Founder Story with Leif Ullman of KidReports 
Join Leif Ullman, co-founder of KidReports, as he shares his experience in building KidReports, growing it into a national company that was later acquired by Procare Software.

Tuesday, May 26, 12 PM MST – Startup Law Workshop 
Join DU alum Will Hanisch, Managing Partner at GreenRoom Inc, for a Startup Law Workshop.

Wednesday, May 27, 12 PM MST – Advancing Innovation: How to Find Breakthrough Ideas
Join Director of Alumni Engagement and Founder of the Crimson & Gold Trail Brian J. Elizardi as we explore how to identify market opportunities, build better experiments to test ideas and concepts, and be nimble in the face of uncertainty. If you have an idea or concept you’ve been curious about, together we’ll explore how you can utilize design thinking and the discovery funnel to create breakthrough innovations and achieve a competitive advantage.

Meet the Student-led Ventures in Xplore

AgPro Technologies Inc.: A Liquid Bio-Fertilizer that replenishes soil health.

Ahead Wind Inc.: 3D printed wind turbine blade molds.

Atomata: Smart urban agriculture optimization via sensors and cameras.

BE Homes: A high efficiency, self-sustaining residential structure.

BloomTime: A design company for sustainable landscaping.

Culture Global: An e-commerce store solution for online influencers.

Teach Me: A platform that equips dancers with data to select classes based on their needs, skill level, and desired experience.

Gold Orbit: A solution for waste issues in space through a universal grasping mechanism that picks up defunct satellites in orbit.

Homegrown Essentials: High-quality hemp products that follow legal regulations and are aligned to the company’s core values.

Let’s Hang: A solution that brings people together through face-to-face connections via shared events interests.

Livelocal: An opportunity for locals to make money doing what they love while creating unique and enriched experiences to visitors.

MKCK: A retail company that offers young adults name brands at a low cost.

Mold Control: A preventative solution for post-flood mold growth.

Spotpost: A digital solution to streamline flier posting.

Nomad Joe/Voyager Kettle: A collapsible, portable, electric kettle for coffee enthusiasts.

NU SeniorsPT: An app geared towards raising awareness of major health concerns for the senior population.

Olam: An environment that uses AI to to create an artificial species that exists entirely in the cloud.

PocketChange: Empowers individuals to make micro-donations to the causes they care about with the click of a button.

Slope Threads: “Rent the Runway” for ski apparel.

TokenOS: A mobile payment and operations platform for the cannabis industry to work within the existing banking system.

Truckt: Google Maps / Grubhub for food trucks.

Unum Analytics: Analyzes online searches to predict election outcomes.

Wave Music: An app that connects people through the love of music.

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