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Social Media Marketing

Professor Ann Koerner

Starting at the beginning of Winter Quarter 2020, Instagram’s @MileHighandHungry launched a partnership with DCB’s School of Hospitality and Entrepreneurship Department to provide an opportunity to have up to 15 students operate Denver’s #1 rated food-Instagram account with over 32k followers. Over the course of this ten-week period students will be able to fully understand the strategy, operational tactics, and best practices for managing a successful influencer account. Taught by Professor Ann Koerner, the class will dive deep into how social media generates revenue and sales.

In conjunction with this class is the newly released Crimson and Gold Trail, a passport program featuring over 20 alumni-owned and operated restaurants, markets, breweries, and shops. The XLR8 Grant program would allow these students to create free-content and advertisements for  our alumni and share them with 30k audience members of MHH. The cost to create ten-weeks of content is $500, allocated to transportation/ride-sharing services (a requirement for the class), marketing materials, and promotion for shared posts. While the class hopes to make additional revenue by selling partnership opportunities to external businesses, it is the first time a class like this has been offered and thus are unable to properly budget growth expenses.

Support from X-ITE for this program would allow the class and professor to dive-deep with our alumni, their businesses, and the audience to create a truly one-of-a-kind classroom experience.