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X-ITE House

Coworking and Office Hours

Located on the corner of Asbury and York, the X-ITE House is the Project X-ITE HQ and a community workspace for students, student companies, and classes to work, collaborate, and learn. The house is designed to provide both dedicated office space and a communal meeting and workspace. Even better? We’re fully stocked on snacks and drinks!

Due to campus restrictions due to Covid-19, the X-ITE House is currently closed. We look forward to re-opening when it is safe to do so, and will follow University guidelines. When we reopen, the House hours are Monday through Friday 9am-8pm. Student mentors staff the House and are available to answer to questions, provide guidance on ideation, and are a pipeline to access Project X-ITE’s vast network of mentors and resources. 

Tap into our virtual X-ITE House and community through our Slack group!

Questions? Contact

Grant Kochmann

Computer Science ’18

Lauren Barnes

Management ’22

Scott Romano

Cultivo Media
International Business & Economics ’20

Evan Reierson

Computer Science & Psychology ’18

Ellie Adelman

The Village Institute
Masters in Social Work ’19

Reyn Aubrey

Pocket Change

Max Evans

Mathematics & Computer Science ’19

Christian Dooley

Pocket Change
Management ’20

X-ITE House

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