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Project X-ITE is proud and excited for DU’s graduating class of 2020! Below are six amazing students who have been a part of Project X-ITE’s programming during their years at DU. Get to know them and what they have to say to the next generation of innovators!

Reese Arthur

International Studies with minors in Urban Studies and Leadership

I’m so thankful for everything Project X-ITE has done to support me throughout my four years at DU in applying innovative ideas that relate to business and to the work that I do in philanthropy.

Advice to the next generation of innovators

So I would say to anyone getting started on their Project X-ITE journey that you should identify social issues that you witness on a day-to-day basis and try to come up with creative ideas to eradicate that problem. Whatever you do, make sure that you’re applying empathy and kindness to all your work!


Christian Dooley


My name is Christian Dooley and it’s been an amazing experience to be part of the Project X-ITE community for the past four years.

Advice to the next generation of innovators

What I would say to the future generation of innovators at DU is to try and figure out what you really love. I think in business it is easy to get caught up and pulled in all sorts of different directions, but at end of the day, it’s about the process of learning about yourself and what really excites you and inspires you to keep working on it. So try and figure that out!

What’s next?

What’s next for me is I will continue to work on the PocketChange Technology platform. We’ve got the mobile app out, and I’ll be working  full-time [on it], which is really exciting. I also have a side art/music project called BabyDooley which I will continue by night. So PocketChange by day, BabyDooley by night and I’m excited for what’s to come!

Walid Hedidar

Anthropology and International Studies

Advice to the next generation of innovators

To the next generation of innovators, I really encourage you to go out there and seek all the creative ideas that you can. It is really important to mobilize innovation to solve the different crises that we are facing right now.

What’s next?

After graduation, I’ll be pursuing my masters in International Education Development at the University of Pennsylvania. I’ll also be working on a startup that I co-founded a few years ago with a friend of mine called LEAPS Academy. It is based in Tunisia, and is a teacher training startup that aims to revolutionize the design, delivery, and evaluation of teacher education in Africa and in the Middle East. 

Kayla King

Marketing with a minor in Psychology 

Advice to the next generation of innovators

My advice to the next generation of DU innovators is to start early, take on several projects, and reach out to anyone and everyone. The best way to learn and grow your skill set is to shadow and hear from others that have been through it.

What’s next?

Immediately upon graduation, I will be participating in the Pioneering Summer accelerator program (now known as XLR8) to grow my business, Macro Menu. We are an app that helps restaurant goers find places to eat and filter menu items that fit their dietary needs.

I am also working at a small, fitness startup, Warrior Babe. I’m helping to grow the company as their COO. I’m excited for this next phase of life and look forward to exploring any and all opportunities that come my way.

Scott Romano

International Business and Economics

I have been involved with X-ITE for all four years (of my schooling). I’ve done every Pioneering Summer (XLR8) so far, and I’m really excited to find out what’s next for me.

Advice to the next generation of innovators

The word of advice I would give to any incoming student is that you really have to make your own path. DU and X-ITE have plenty of resources, but you’ve got to know what you’re looking for and what you want to do with it and you’ve got to take action on it. The second part is really just finding network of peers and friends that are like-minded and want to turn their vision into reality because it’s so important to have people that are pushing you to be better and to have a support network.

What’s next?

I’m currently serving as the head of marketing for a nonprofit called Energize Colorado, focusing on developing our State’s new innovative economy coming out of covid. I’m really excited about the work we get to do, and I hope to be back on campus really soon! 

Omotola Williams

Master of Science in Social Work

Advice to the next generation of innovators

To the next generation of innovators at DU, be bold, be creative, be resilient. The world needs people like you especially at this time. 

What’s next?

That’s an interesting question, but I’m certain that there’s great opportunities ahead of me. With my unique combination of accounting and social work skills, I’m hoping to make positive impacts in consulting for social sectors and for-profit businesses with social missions.

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